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Christian Devotional: Worth More

Worth More: Learning Who God Says You Are & Living It Out in Singleness and Dating is a Christian devotional rooted in scripture, my personal stories, and reflection questions. It is for the girl who...

Thinks something is wrong with her because she’s never dated. Sees her friends getting engaged and married, and celebrates with them, but feels like crying on the inside. Bounces from one bad relationship to the next and doesn’t know how to stop it. Knows there has to be something more than this hunger for affection and approval, but doesn’t know where to find it.

And trust me, I get it. I was all of the above for most of my life. Why? Because I didn’t believe

what God said about me. I wasn’t His masterpiece, or His beloved daughter, or worth dying

on the cross for. I wasn’t good enough or perfect enough.

So, I searched for approval in the arms of a guy. Until things went wrong. And they always did.

Any of this ring a bell? If so, I have good news: God has so much more in store... because you

are worth so much more than you know. You are loved, unconditionally and completely.


It’s time to believe it, and to live it out... in singleness, dating, and everything in between.

Worth More, a Christian women's devotional written by Maddie Miller

Calla Press Poetry : Innocence

Calla Press is a Christian journal that promotes global literary endeavors in an effort to share the Gospel. This ministry aims to build a community of Christian artists, spanning all stages of adulthood. 

I wrote a poem for their publication, titled Innocence. You can read it here

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