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In honor of Mother's Day, I'm sharing this poem about the world's first mother, Eve! Now I know this poem is long, but try to take it all in... feel the weight of the Father's love.



Is what I am He says

I used to be Nothing

Enshrouded in darkness

Cool and compact earth

But then He made me

Out of dirt and a figure

Form like mine with a cut in his side

The figure is Adam Man

And I am Eve Woman

He says

And we are His He says

He is Abba Father

The air is sweet in the garden

Like honey Salt Earth

The breeze flows Fresh True

Leaves sway Flowers dance

I dance with them

Birdsong Sunshine Melody

This is Eden He says

We are free Except for one tree

Adam and Eve And Abba

Trinity In the garden We dance

Now we are racing With Abba

Through the trees Dash Laugh

Adam holds my hand Faster

We are in the lead faster

Abba laughs Like gentle thunder

We hop the stream Past Lion

Breathless Giggle faster

The air changes

Cool And crisp Like ripe fruit

Sweeter than honey

It pulls us in

We change our course

Chase desire faster

It is in the distance Towering Proud

Swollen fruits overflow Pull us in

We run Closer Closer Closer

We stand below The great tree

The forbidden tree Frigid wind blows

I shiver in the shadows

We need to leave

But stay mesmerized

Gaze at the fruit above Longing

And I see it Dark Slithering Slimy

Fire eyes lock with mine

I want to look away It taunts Closer

But Abba said—

Closer Taste See Know

Cold wind blows I shiver in delight

Lean in to the shadows

Reach up grasp the fruit Snap

I take a bite

Sweeter than honey

Richer than wine

I thrust the miracle over to Adam

He takes a bite

Closes eyes in ecstasy

I take it back Another bite

And another Another

Beloveds Abba Where have you gone?

The fruit in my mouth rottens

What have I done?

Bitter Sour Mold Vile

I spit it out desperate to get away

Adam does the same

We lock eyes Stare in horror

My stomach heaves I taste bile

Fruit upended In the dirt

My form shakes cold and clammy

Mind races can’t breathe

I want to sink back into the dirt hide

What have I done?

Legs tremble we run through dark

Away from Abba

We hide in the shadows under the trees

Light scatters across our flesh

Bare Exposed I want to cover up

Need to cover up use leaves and flowers

I am not dancing anymore

My flesh is chilled weak insides knotted

I wish I could be Nothing again

He calls Beloveds

Come to Me

But we do not

He finds us Huddling in the dirt

Galaxy eyes stare Despair

Grin gone furrowed brow

My stomach aches I caused this

But still light Love In His eyes

He asks what we have done

We confess

We have disobeyed ate the fruit

We are a mess

I look away sick limbs shaking

Watery eyes watching the dirt

Warm hand under my chin Strength

Pulls me up I let my gaze rise

Lock eyes with Love

There are tears in His eyes too

He turns to Adam Does the same

Abba is huddled Like us In the dirt

He gives us each a hand Firm grip

Warmth rushes through me Pulls me up

We rise

Three in One into Light

Abba says we cannot stay

Sin has come He says

We have sinned.

We have to leave Eden Paradise

I don’t want to

I want to run race dance

Like before

But we are broken now cannot stay

Do not fear He says

That is what I felt that day

Aching trembling lost

Away from Abba

I feel fear often now I do not like it

Do not fear He says

He will make a way a new Way

We will be One again He says

Just wait have faith

He will be with us always forever

To the very end of the age

So we will wait I will wait

Outside of Eden in the dark

I know Abba will carry me home

I wait Trust Pray Praise

His forgiveness is great

I abandoned Him

But He does not abandon me

Forgiven Is what I am

Beloved Is what I am


Is what I am His

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