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Commemorate life's memories with these floral greeting cards! Based off of larger watercolor paintings, these cards range from bright and bold, to subtle and moody. They are perfect for art (or flower) lovers!


Presented in packs of 3 or 6, each set contains three original designs, as well as the needed number of envelopes. The packages of 6 have two copies of each design. With beautiful outsides and blank insides, these cards are just waiting to be filled with your words.


Handiworks by Maddie stickers are handcrafted by Maddie Miller, digitally rendered in a variety of styles. Maddie enjoys incorporating natural elements into her pieces and strives to capture the beauty and awe of nature.


Our shop celebrates the humanity of creating. Whether painted on a canvas or drawn digitally, our products emphasize the imperfect perfection of handcrafted work--no premade fonts, perfect angles, or flashy graphics in sight. Each piece is carefully designed and honors the classic way of artmaking, prioritizing a handmade, wholesome esthetic. 


Watercolor Wonders: Greeting Cards

  • Our cards are made to order and hand packaged. Each order will also include a handwritten note signed by Maddie.



    • Printed on high quality cardstock, sourced from Ohuhu
    • Heavyweight cardstock, approximately 4x5.25”


    Along sith the cards themselves, each pack includes white A2 envelopes. 

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