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My Work

Please enjoy this sampling of my recent copywriting projects!

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Messiah University
English Department. 

Messiah University’s English department is a collegiate branch of the university that focuses on educating and equipping students in literary and writing career fields. Having a significant reputation and following, the department works to promote activism in the surrounding community, most notably in the areas of racial and social justice and environmentalism. Particularly regarding environmentalism, the department was struggling to portray the issue of climate change as relevant and dire. 

I was tasked with the project of researching environmentalism, then writing a factually accurate and relatable narrative about climate change. I had  72 hours to complete this, ultimately with the mission of motivating readers to actively work to oppose climate change. 


By rooting my copy in a realistic fiction narrative, I crafted a plausible account of a young adult’s journey through a southern blizzard. Utilizing a first person perspective, I wrote copy that would invoke a personal connection between the narrator and the reader. Limiting the scientific data, I crafted a climate change exposé that was easily comprehensible for the average reader, regardless of their education background. The scientific sources I did include were of high quality and summarized with accuracy and simplicity. This narrative copy concluded with a call to action, building upon pathos appeals to persuade readers to stand against climate change. This narrative copy has yet to be published, but the initial response within the Messiah community has been successful and the English department is eager to share it. 

"Superb narrative - engaging and well-paced." -Dr. Samuel Smith, Messiah University

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Daughter of Delight

Daughter of Delight is a women’s ministry that offers insights into everyday Christian living, encouraging a faith-based lifestyle for Christian women, ages 13 and onward. They provide daily encouragement through copy, interact one-on-one with followers through their Daughter Dilemmas advice column, and promote Christian living through their apparel line. The company had issues with commissioning and motivating the writers for their daily blog and social media posts. 


My assignment was to craft newsletters within 24 hours of the brief, working to encourage and inspire the writing staff. By offering the writing team additional support, Daughter of Delight aimed to see an increase in writing quality and readership. 


Focusing on creating brief, yet potent, copy that working women could quickly absorb, I constructed visually pleasing newsletters that addressed both faith and blogging. Utilizing a friendly, informal tone, the newsletter copy was designed to strengthen Daughter of Delight’s relationship with its writing staff. In an effort to increase the business’ readership, I ensured that the copy offered practical writing tips, working to motivate and instill confidence in the team. Both the CEO of Daughter of Delight and the writing team responded with gratitude and positivity. While I am not able to share the specific data regarding the site’s readership and subscriptions, the company’s online presence and following has increased. 

"Thank you so much for serving DOD [Daughter of Delight] in the ways you did.

  It was such a blessing to have you!" -Elle Cardell, founder of Daughter of Delight 

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Calla Press

Calla Press is a Christian journal that promotes global literary endeavors in an effort to share the Gospel. The ministry aims to build a community of Christian artists, spanning all stages of adulthood. Calla Press was having difficulties with accumulating written submissions, particularly during the mundane winter months. 


My duty was to craft copy that would generate additional poetry and prose submissions, with the hope of increasing website traffic and publications.


Knowing that an email promotion would likely get lost in overcrowded inboxes, I took an unorthodox approach and wrote a poem instead. Honing in on Christian truths, I created a poem that would relate to the readers and fill them with gratitude. Key words, such as forgive, pure, innocence, and Lamb– referring to Christ–were highlighted to appeal to the audience. In response to the website’s winter slump, I utilized hopeful imagery of Christmas and Easter, working to remind readers of their beliefs and reignite their passion for writing about such beliefs. The leaders of Calla Press were encouraged by this poetic approach to copy and published it forthwith, and the journal’s online reception was beneficial to their overall readership. 

Interested in working with me? 

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