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Arctic Kiss

Hi friends, after a bit of a hiatus, I am excited to be back and share what I've been working on! As many of us are currently being impacted by a winter storm, it seemed fitting to share this poem about God's gift of snow. As part of the revamping of this site, I've also decided to add a meditative/practical application step (Pause and Ponder) at the end of each post, so look for that...

Arctic Kiss

The world is bundled

In a blanket of white,

My exposed palm

The only color in sight.

Fingers out stretched, I wait

For the soft kiss of snowflakes.

A flurry lands, hundreds follow,

Tinging my skin

With their arctic lips.

Ice seeps deep

Into my bones,

Warming my heart

Even as my body grows cold.

What can this be, if not

A gift from Above,

To use a frigid storm

As the awakening of my soul?

The cold, the kiss, the shock

I’ve been waiting for.

Out of the darkness

That plagues my mind,

Into the light

Of Love’s crystalline embrace.

What can this be

If not a gift? For even as

The flakes burn

On my skin,

Their arctic lips, the Lord’s

Loving kiss,

They awaken me

From my bitter night.

Pause and Ponder: What has this winter/covid season been like for you? Are you viewing the storms of life as burdens or blessings? How can you let the Lord awaken your soul? Invite Him to pour our His pure love onto you today. May His will be done!

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