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By His Words...

Words are fun. I’ve always liked words. (Pretty obvious—I am a writer, right?)

I love the way they look, sound, impact thoughts and feelings in such a potent way:

Effervescent. Plethora. Foible. Smokehouse. Supercalifrag–

Well, you get the idea.

Words have power. And you know what one of my absolute favorite words is?


This word is not like other words because it is the Word. And the Word is the most powerful, otherworldly, miraculous word around. (You’re welcome for that brain bender.)

I’ve been reminded of this over the last few days.

For reasons I’ll likely be blogging about later, it’s been a stressful week. So stressful at times, where the only word I can muster in prayer is “Jesus.”

And that’s enough. Because the Holy Spirit communicates what I need, even when I don’t know what that is (Rom 8:26-27). And He hears my prayers. He ALWAYS hears our prayers, friends.

“Jesus” is a great start. And He’s shown me another great phrase to say…

As many of you know, I like schedules. Okay, not just like, but am kind of dependent on them. Change scares me A LOT. But change is inevitable; and let’s be honest, it’s not healthy to be chained to an Excel schedule spreadsheet.

Thus, I’ve been working on adapting. On accepting and embracing change.

Recently, the light bulb went off in my head: I realized I’m not a robot. (duh, I know.)

And yet, I’ve been expecting myself to act with such stringent, emotionless precision each day. You’d think that, given the wide range of emotions I feel every hour, I’d know better than to expect AI behavior. But I can be illogical like that; I expect much more than I can give. And let’s face it, life as a robot would be very boring.

God made us emotional and adaptable, and He made us good.

So you know what I’ve started to tell myself?

Schedules change, but God stays the same.

These words—besides “Jesus”—have been some of the most life changing words I’ve come across. And of course, God’s the one who planted them in my heart.

Now, when I feel the fear rising (because I just have to eat lunch at 12:00 instead of 11:59 or 12:02 or else the word will implode) I rethink:

Take a nice deep breath, slow down, and say “Schedules change; God stays the same” over and over until I believe it.

Until the fear is fought… in the name of Jesus.

By His Words we are healed, friends. Never lose hope or forget that.


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