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Easter Depression

I was going to write about depression, then I realized that this post is technically my Easter post. And Easter, I hope we can all agree, is not supposed to be depressing.

Good Friday, yes, that is sad, but the story doesn’t end with suffering. Nope, definitely not. The cross becomes a Heavenly crown, the grave becomes a garden of love, death becomes life.

And we, friends, go from sinners with no hope to saved saints with no fear.

Our God is good. (Understatement of the century, I know.)

So why do I still feel depressed? Why, in God’s great name, do I come out of Resurrection Sunday feeling completely drained and sorrowful?

Well, I’m an introvert, that’s why. And I’m a very sensitive one, at that.

Large family gatherings are just not my cup of tea; maybe you can relate.

My Easter started wonderfully– went to church and

praised Jesus and worshiped Him all morning long (and talked to my special guy, which is always a plus). The morning was great…

Then the family party started.

Too many people, too much talking, too many conversations echoing in my mind. And too many taunts from the Enemy, telling me how I don’t belong and I’m not wanted and it’s all lies but I listen to them anyway.

We do that a lot, don’t we? Listen to lies because they are more feasible than the truth, than the Truth.

Friends, I’d just spent Easter morning praising Jesus for lov

ing me infinitely and unconditionally, for dying for me– but as soon as the Enemy whispered otherwise, I jumped on board.

If anything is depressing about this Easter, it would be this: how quickly I forgot the miracle of Christ’s resurrection and gift.

Do you do the same?

I like to think that I have a pretty good memory, but when it comes to God’s Truth, it appears that I suffer from amnesia… a lot. I might as well be Dory, I forget Truth so quickly and effortlessly.

This is not how it’s supposed to be, nor is it how this will stay.

Friends, remembering God is a daily struggle, a daily choice. We need to be in the Word. It is our sustenance, our breath, our life, because that’s who God is for us (John 1:1).

And we have to pray, talk to our Abba, every day. Tell Him anything and everything. Treat Him like your best friend because that’s who He longs to be.

And He will help you remember. He’s like my Marlin, or my Nemo, reminding me of His True Love every time I forget.

He turns the dark to Light, friends, the graves into gardens. Our forgetfulness and sins don’t have to bind us anymore; Jesus has made a new way, a resurrected way.

The depressing dark is defeated! May we live in His Light, and may we praise Him, always and forever.


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