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Enough Already!

I want to rest. Desperately. I’m craving it. So, I thought I would talk about it today.

A few months ago, I painted this little watercolor bouquet and adorned it with the name "Enough.”

Why would I choose such a word? Because I need that reminder every single day.

I need to remember the fact that God has gifted me with His love and nothing I do can change that. He will never love me more and He will never love me less.

And the same is true for you.

Oftentimes, we are busy. Busy working, busy striving, busy trying to earn our worth. We live in a constant state of unease and tension, dreading our imperfections and terrified of our failings. It makes us paranoid and anxious and exhausted.

But friends, this is so unnecessary!


God is not conditional.

He doesn't love us because we read the Bible every day, or because we pray to Him or because we share the Gospel with someone. Yes, these things are all good, but our works do not define our worth.

And praise the Lord that they don’t! Can you imagine if you were defined by your greatest mistake?

None of us would make it to Heaven if we had to earn salvation ourselves.

In His great love for us, Christ Himself has earned our place in Heaven. Through the cross, He has taken our place in Hell, so that we may take His place in Heaven.

What a gift, friends, what an incredible gift.

And this brings me back to this humble little painting:

Like a prized bouquet, we are beautifully cherished in God's sight.

He calls us His beloved children and remembers our sins no more. He fully knows us and yet fully loves us. He says we are enough for Him.

We are good enough because He is good enough.

So we don't have to strive, friends; we just have to be still. May we rest in His presence and His love, trusting that we are more than enough for our Abba.


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