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"Finished Forevermore"

In honor of Father's Day, I thought I'd share a poem I wrote about our beloved Heavenly Father! I hope you enjoy this recount of Good Friday, where the expanse of Christ's love for us was fully displayed.

"Finished Forevermore" The sky was dark Our Savior groaned Head weighed down By a thorny crown. Limbs outstretched Nailed to a ruthless tree Bloodied and torn He cries in agony. Gathering strength Body rises up For a fleeting breath Before sinking back down Lowering weight onto Gnarled nailed feet. Head lifts to the sky Dreary clouds in mourning Cry drops Into bloodshot eyes. Voice like gravel He cries to Heaven Forsaken no more. Torment overwhelms Gasps grow slow With last bit of strength His mind overflows With images of His children Whom He loves to save Our faces flood His brain As consciousness ceases His heart warms And peace rains down Swollen lips smile His work is done. They are safe He thinks Breathing His last He exhales in serenity Awaiting the Furnace Meant for you and me It is finished His soul exhales in relief His Hell begins By our Hell ends It is finished forevermore.

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