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Gift Giving

Hey friends, I wanted to share a digital illustration I recently made. This was created for a new friend of mine and I just had to put his cute dog in it! I hoped to brighten his day and encourage him with this Scripture/dog combo.

And as I was creating this, the Lord revealed something to me.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved creating works of art. But I have not always been willing to give it away. When my passion for art making became more serious, I was possessive over each piece.

My best works were reserved for me.

While I still struggle parting with my personal paintings, the Lord has made me willing to share my work with others.

When I was designing this piece for my friend, God highlighted this truth in my life: I find so much joy out of creating beautiful things, and I can bless others with that same joy. When I make art for people, when I share my God-given gift with them, God can give them a gift too. He can give them hope and beauty and light.

That is what I pray our God uses me for: to brighten lives and to showcase the beauty of Christ.

I am sharing this passion I have with you all because I want you to think. To ponder, what has God gifted you with? What has He given you that makes your soul come alive? And how is He calling you to serve His Heavenly Kingdom?

So, friends, may all you do glorify King Jesus, and SOLE DEO GLORIA (glory to God alone)!!


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