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Growing Pains

When you wake up in the morning, how long do you stay happy? Maybe I should ask it this way– how long before the stressors of the day start bombarding your mind?

I last a good two minutes. Maybe three, if it's a good day.

My anxiety is always bad in the mornings. Not a fun way to start the day, right? Although, I’ve realized that once I get working, I’m fine. It keeps my mind occupied and I feel all nice and productive.

The issue is before, before I start working, that is. My mind races with a-million-and-one thoughts, mostly regarding what I have to accomplish for the day.

It makes sense, then, that I’d want to get started and get accomplishing, doesn’t it? If taking action makes me feel better, then I should just act, right?

But instantly taking action is not always an opportunity, nor is it always a healthy one.

It’s good to be uncomfortable sometimes, to stay in the fear and tension. Think of them as growing pains. Getting out of our comfort zone is how we grow and challenge ourselves.

A few weeks ago, I was talking (okay, complaining) to a friend of mine about my desire to be in a relationship and my impatience about it. You know what she asked me?

“What have you been doing to meet people your own age?”

Does going to the gym count?

This was her response: “Maddie, a guy isn’t just going to show up in your mailbox one day. You’ve gotta get out there and be bold!”

Not exactly in my comfort zone, is it? But I’m going to do it, get out there and be bold… once this semester ends and I have free time again :)

Leaning into your discomfort is scary and inherently uncomfortable, but it’s necessary for growth.

So what does this look like practically?

Beyond getting out there and not relying on a guy to magically appear at my doorstep, I’m going to stay in my discomfort by NOT working right away.

The first thing I do when I get up is read my Bible. But you know what the second thing is? Check my email. And then I’m on a work-related rampage. I start writing before breakfast, oftentimes shortening my lunch break to get more work done, and regularly work until dark.

Can you relate?

I’m going to change this, to let myself sit in the fear, because it’s NOT going to hurt me. The world will not implode if I take a half-hour lunch break.

I’m determined to grow, despite the pain. God calls us to be still, to trust that He will fight for and defend us (Ex 14:14).

Let’s do it, friends. Let’s be still, so that someday soon, our morning contentment will last longer than a minute.


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