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Light Along "Willow Road"

Hey everyone! This week I'm sharing a commission piece that I recently finished, and the Lord has inspired me with an analogy I will share with you.

The road in this painting is the road of life. There are many twists and turns, desolate corners and joyous expanses.

As we traverse this road, sometimes we will bask in the sun. The way will be scenic and majestic. We will march proudly, heads held high.

But other times, perhaps even oftentimes, our road will lead us to dark woods. Shadows taunt us and fog masks our view. We feel helpless and hopeless, weighed down by the terrors around us. In our uncertainty and suffering, each step becomes a battle and our heads hang low.

But whether we are in a golden meadow bathed in sunlight or in a eerie woods reeking of darkness, no matter what, God's Light is still with us. HE is still with us. It is easier to see the Light when is it shining all around us, but His Light is in the darkness too.

Though the woods are deep and foliage shields most of the sun, little crevices of Light manage to break through. Even in the thickest of tree canopies, the leaves still flutter in the wind, shifting to let the Heavenly rays fall and illuminate the darkness below. And we cling to the Light, allowing mere glimpses to guide us to the fields beyond.

My closing message is this:

In the dark times, seek out the Light. It may appear briefly and you may wish it were more, but run after it with all your might. God will always provide you with Light, so give thanks for His Light that will overcome the dark.

And if your are walking alongside a bright meadow right now, still give thanks for the Light of Life. Soak in the Sun as much as you can, bravely preparing for the dark times that will surely come.

The darkness is inevitable, but the Light is inevitable too. No matter what we face, God will shine His Light on us because He is "the light of the world. Whoever follows [Him] will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life" (John 8:12).

Wherever you are on this road of life, take heart and cling to the Light of Life to lead you home.


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