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Mustard Tree

Happy Sunday, friends! This week I wanted to share this painting, titled Mustard Tree. God gave me the idea for this painting a few weeks ago, and I knew that I would need it as I ventured into my sophomore year of college.

Let me explain. As many of you can probably guess from the title, this painting is inspired by Jesus's comments in Matthew 17:20 and Luke 17:6: if you have faith as small as a measly mustard seed, you can move mountains and uproot trees. Nothing will be impossible with such faith.

And I knew I would need this visual reminder of faith as I entered college again. I knew trials and unknowns were coming my way; I would need to remember to have faith. Just a tiny seed of faith.

So when God gave me this vision, I had to paint it. The background is dark and distorted, often like our world can be. In times of pain, we doubt God's presence and forget His provision. We can submit to those feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Or, we can have faith. We can remember.

And that's what this tree shows; how one tiny seed of faith can blossom and flourish under God's righteous hand.

In fact, there is a mustard seed hidden in the piece, amidst the roots of this glorious tree. Shrouded in a halo of light, the seed is so small (about 1/32 of an inch) that not even the naked eye, or the eye of my camera, can notice it. But it is there, tiny and seemingly insignificant.

But God knows that this seed of faith has significance. It is a sign of trust, of commitment to His perfect plan. And He rejoices in our faith, honoring, growing, and strengthening it until our roots spread wide and our branches burst forth with glorious life.

We become a tree that is so significant, so widespread, that no one can miss us. Our leaves glisten and sway, singing a melody of boundless praise. We become an oasis in the desert, a haven in the night, a light in the dark for all to see.

All because of a little faith. Just a tad. A tiny seed. That's all God asks of us, all He needs.

So take heart, friends, and draw courage from the King. Give Him your heart and give Him your trust. Give your seed of faith to the Father, and watch Him grow you to fruition.


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