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Unconditional Love Unsatisfied: Yearning for Love in Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God"

Here is a sample of my academic work; I was tasked to write a research paper on the renowned author Zora Neale Hurston. After spending an entire semester being immersed in Hurston's writing, I wrote about the author and her most notorious novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God. In my paper, I analyzed Hurston's relationship with God before relating it to her novel, arguing that Hurston reflects humanity’s innate yearning for unconditional love. And I extended my idea, claiming that Hurston’s work suggests that, regardless of our religious views, we all have a deep desire for God’s love. This paper was a very challenging yet rewarding task. Beyond deepening my skills in literary analysis and research, I enjoyed learning about humanity's longing for God's love and have found a deeper reverence for my Heavenly Father.

Hurston Research Paper
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