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Only Life

Hi everyone, sorry about not posting last week! The end of the semester has been a bit crazy, but I'm back for this week. I hope you enjoy this springtime poem:

Only Life

My dad pours chemicals

Onto the grass in our yard.

The years have taken their toll,

Grass scorched,

A dry, brittle yellow.

But they remain.

I count them each day,

Shuffling through the grass,

Eyes glued to the ground

So I don't step on one.

Yesterday there were two,

Today, seven.

Hidden within their wafer-thin petals

Is a resilience that I envy.

Planted years ago, before my time,

Their spindly roots must have burrowed deep,

Clung to life with a relentless grip

Because they remain, every spring,

Despite the toxins that attack.

Veiled in yellow, white, purple,

They dance

Like joyous fairies,

Petaled skirts fluttering in the breeze.

They are delicate

But oh so determined;

Death is no longer an option,

Only life.

Only life.

Pause and Ponder: Step outside, walk around, notice the blooms and buds, new life all around. How can you learn from/be inspired by springtime's renewal and growth? What is God saying to you in this season? Ask Him for faith, strength, resilience. Praise Him for His good works, His good creation; remember that, out of all He has made, you are His most prized creation.

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