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The Artist

Happy Friday! I legitimately forgot today was Friday, so that's how my week's been :)

If you've had a crazy week like mine, take this time to settle and meditate...

“The Artist”


With a dab of emerald;

That'll be the base.

Dips the wide flat brush,

An arc of pigment graces pure white.

Now where's my cadmium yellow,

My peach, umber, blush?

Paint squeezed onto palette. Mix.

Warm mossy background

Replaced by face, neck, body: soft flesh.

Eyes, my favorite, like pools of honey.

Amber hues dance with golden threads,

Curl around an ivory center.


What about the hair?

Vandyke brown, copper also.

Wild strokes, blowing in the breeze.

Each hair meticulously marked,

Shimmering in the light.

Now where is--

Examines paint-splattered tubes,

Searching, for one particular--

Ha! Found you!

Rich violet cascades.

Glorious. Clothing fit for royalty, I'd say.

Now one last stroke...

A signature emblazoned in the corner,

Two lines, the mark of the cross.

It is finished and it is perfect.

The Artist exhales,

Honeysuckle breath seeps into

The painting. The creation absorbs it

And blinks.

Pause and Ponder: What is speaking to you here? Can you detect God's still, small voice? Has the craziness of life drowned out His presence? Ask Him to whisper, ask Him to yell! Remember who you are, Whose you are. You are God's masterpiece. May you lean into His Truth through your trials and triumphs.

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