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The Dark

Happy Friday, everyone! This week's post is a poem that is a bit darker than my typical style... let's just say that the narrator is unique...

“The Delightful Dark”

I love the smell of fear.

What’s it like, you ask?

Oh, a bit like cat pee, I’d say:

Rancid, sour, with a zing at the end.

Whenever that scent tickles my nostrils,

I can’t help but shiver with glee.

And if I trace the scent back to its source,

I can see that lovely fear as well.

And oh, it is a wonderous sight indeed:

A human, huddled in a corner,

Trembling uncontrollably,

Coated in a thick layer of tar.

It oozes out of the heart, the mind,

Suffocating from within.

It weighs them down to the floor,

The heaviest anchor around—

No wait, I lie.

There is one thing that weighs more:

Despair—the living version of death.

Oh, how I adore despair!

It is the most glorious song—

Shrill wails harmonizing, bouncing

Off the tar-entrenched husks

Of fellow human beings,

So hopeless, they are as good as dead.

And see, this is the best part:

Fear, despair, this wonderous Darkness,

It spreads, multiples from person to person,

Drowning out the Light—

And I,

I don’t have to lift a finger!

They do it themselves,

Foolish humans!

They fear me, run from my shadow—

As if I’d waste my time haunting them!

Oh no, humans themselves are too easy,

For I have to snuff out the Light,

And they are already Dark.

They don’t know it,

but they kill themselves

All on their own;

Inhaling death like oxygen,

All-powerful Dark pumping through their veins.

They chose it, after all,

That delightful Dark.

So I watch—

Taste the rot,

Relish the zing,

Sing along with the cacophony of cries—

And revel

In my victorious,


Ravenous Dark.

Pause and Ponder: What does this demon/narrator reveal to you? How does this relate to your own life? What have you chosen, the Light or the Dark, the world or the Savior of it? Spiritual warfare is going on all around us, so we need to be vigilant, we need to fight the Dark by the eternal power of God's Light. Ask God to guide you, to make you His light in the darkness.

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