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The Nevers

Hi everyone, this week's post focuses on a poem I wrote called "The Nevers". I hope you enjoy!

The Nevers

I’ve never kissed a frog.

But I wish I did.

I found one once,

Little girl traipsing through

The garden. I made him

A house, pebbles piled high,

Leafen roof precariously

placed. I gently caressed

his slimy wart-covered skin

Like he was a babe; but

I did not kiss him.

I was afraid

My prince would not appear.

I’ve never risked, dared, tried.

The chains of fear

Held tight:

Never procrastinate,

Failure is my fear. Never

Fail a test, or cry

In public.

Can’t be weak. No dating

Either: vulnerability only

Causes rejection. Pain. Never

Have failed, or cried, or dated.


But I wish I have.

I wish I did

Procrastinate, fail.

I should’ve failed, cried,

Dated. I wish

I’d done it all.

For to live is to dare,

Leap into that great

Unknown, where pain and

Sorrow so often wait.

But pain isn’t without

Pleasure, peace, relief,

Sorrow not without

Glee— as we giggle and skip

Through the garden.

Balance, life, risk, oh how I

Wish I’d kissed those

Slimy green lips!

And if I find that frog again,

I won’t make the same

Mistake. I’ll give that frog

A great big smooch

And have faith

That this time,

My prince shall awake.

Pause and Ponder: What does this poem mean to you? Are there things in your life that you regret doing/not doing? Does fear control your life, or does faith? Ask the Lord to strengthen your courage as He leads you through life.

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