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The Traveling Typer

I’ve never been able to write outside before. Or should I say, type outside. It’s always too bright, with the sun casting glares on my screen.

However, I am conquering this today. Right now, in fact. Thanks to a new computer and an Ireland-inspired resolve. 

In case you’re new here, I just returned from a two-week exploration of Ireland. 

In retrospect, I can’t really call it a vacation because it was way too fast-paced to be relaxing (there’s a lot to see, after all!). So, after taking a week-long staycation after my supposed vacation, I’m finally ready to unpack things with you. 

Buckle up; we’re going abroad (cheesy, I know. But I couldn’t resist a traveling pun). 

Now, as much as I’d like to spend this blog post doing a massive show-and-tell of photos and stories and insights, I think a better way to unpack Ireland is to not really talk about it. Directly, that is. 

Because here’s the thing…

Yes, I saw a plethora of amazing views. 

Yes, I got to hold and feed two (adorable) baby lambs. 

And yes, I had a wonderful time and made so many wonderful memories…

But my favorite part about adventuring in Ireland was the adventure itself. 

If you haven’t picked up on this from my previous posts, I tend to be a very controlling, regimented, anxious person. My schedules and routines give me comfort. 

Going away got rid of all that. 

Besides keeping my morning Bible study time, literally all of my daily norms were thrown out the window. No gym sessions. No painting. No walking on the treadmill. No writing time. No measuring my food, or even eating the foods I like, for that matter. 

I thought it would be hard, to stray so drastically and completely from all the things that lessened my anxiety. Distracted me. Gave me a sense of control. Turns out, giving all that up was easy. 

(But don’t worry, I’m back to painting and writing now… obviously.)

Being away from all my comforts gave me a different sort of comfort - Christ. 

I don’t know if it was being out in nature more, or just getting away from the typical day-to-day worries, but God met me there – 

In the gusting winds on the mountaintops, the salty sea air, the cat with the sharp claws (that’s a story for another day), the trust that I had to put in my dad (aka, the one driving on the opposite side of extremely narrow roads), and so many more instances where He spoke to me. 

And what’s amazing about our God is that He is not done speaking. 

Which brings me back to today. Outside. Watching the birds walking through my yard. 

One of them is doing this really weird lying-down-wing-spread thing. Oh, now two of them are. Odd. 

But I digress. 

The reason why I’m working outside today is because I’m not used to it. It’s out of my norm, or, should I say, what my norm used to be. 

The out of controlness that I felt in Ireland? God and I are keeping that going. And if I'm speaking bluntly, I think you should try it too.

Now that I’ve stopped obsessing over time and schedules and meals and workouts and productivity and who knows what else… 

I have more time for Him. Slowness, solace, peace. Enjoying the little miracles of life. Actually living each day, instead of freaking out about the next.

He’s given me a taste of freedom from all of my plans, and in turn, I’ve taken one tiny step closer to His.

His plans to prosper, not harm. Life in abundance. Goodness. Purpose. 

And no, it’s not perfect. I still get anxious, I still have a (slight) glare on my computer screen, and I still have a hard time not worrying about tomorrow.

But He’s here. He’s with us. 

Friends, cast your cares, control, and comforts onto Him, because He's all we'll ever need.  


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