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WAITING (for Sadie)

Hi friends! The Lord has been placing the challenging act of WAITING on my heart, and in response to that, I thought I'd share an analogy with everyone.

I think waiting for God to work (instead of doing things our way) is so difficult because we cannot see the final picture, as He can. We view the beginning of our faith, our moment of salvation, as the end of our faith.

We associate being saved with being perfected automatically.

But faith is a process, a daily choice to walk with Jesus for the rest of our lives. We cannot expect the beginning of our journey to look like our destination; nothing worthwhile is easily obtained.

Now here comes the analogy: we are like a painting. In fact, as Ephesians 2:10 so beautifully states, we are God's masterpiece!

We are not the artist, but we are the artwork. Our Abba, only He is the true Creator, the true Artist.

And only the Artist knows the whole story, knows how the painting will turn out. We have no power to judge ourselves because we only see the NOW of our progress, not the perfect end result.

Take this piece for example, titled "WAITING (for Sadie)," which was this cute dog's name. Now friends, we are like this painting.

It all starts with an idea, like the first photo. God has a design plan for each one of us, and He works to fulfill His perfect plan. He lays the framework, just a simple sketch. Afterward comes the foundation, shading but not specific, just to get the general shape laid out.

Let's say that right now, we are living in this foundation stage (photos 3 and 4).If we judge ourselves from there, we only see how messed up we are! But sometimes it takes a mess to make a masterpiece, and remember, the foundation is never the finished product.

God knows this too, so He continues on.

He starts adding in details, the little touches that bring us to life-- real, eternal, Christ-like life.

And by the end of our lives, He has finished, and a glorious masterpiece has been completed.

Just bask in that for a moment-- WE are God's masterpiece, WE are His most prize creation, WE are His greatest workmanship.

God values the process and the messiness because He understands that a we are masterpieces in the making. Creating takes time. And while the Lord could easily snap His fingers and make us perfect, without the journey to perfection, we miss out on the journey with Jesus.

So take heart, friends, because although you may reflect on your current status and scold yourself for being flawed, remember that a work in progress is just that... IN PROGRESS.

God holds the paint brush, and every day He adds a bit more to the canvas of our lives. He is the Artist, and He is not finished with you yet.


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