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We Are Worthy

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like a mess. Life seems to be going so well, but then one measly thought or action can send me spiraling.

Do you ever feel like me, like this painting?

Do you ever feel peaceful and settled, only for an unforeseen storm to spin you out of control?

I think we all feel this way sometimes. And its disappointing, isn't it? It makes us feel weak and messy, ugly and unworthy. But these are lies.

Take this painting, for example.

Comprehensible flowers are mirrored by chaotic brush strokes. Petals and hues become enmeshed, indistinguishable and intertwined. But this conglomeration is intriguing, making this piece much more mystifying than perfect flowers could achieve.

There is something to be said about messiness, about imperfections.

They make life interesting, just like they do in this painting.

And if this painting is MORE beautiful because of its flaws, then can't the same thing be said for us?

Our Creator certain thinks so. As Psalm 139 states, God knows our every thought and sin, and yet, He still declares that we are wonderfully made. By Him, we were made by Him.

And He doesn't make mistakes.

We are God's masterpieces (Ephesians 2:10), and there is nothing we can do that will ever change that. We are worthy of His love, regardless of our messiness; we are not defined by our sins but by our Savior, and He says we are good (Gen 1:31).

So let's embrace our messiness, friends.

Let's be gracious with ourselves, as our Lord is with us.

We will make mistakes, but we are still beautiful and we are still worthy-- worthy of mercy, grace, and love, the unconditional uncontainable love of Christ.

And just as I have named my creation "Worthy," so has He named us worthy too.

Our identities rest in Christ, and He says we are good, flaws and all.

So let's rest, friends, rest in the One who says we are good enough, who says we don't have to strive for a perfection that we will never achieve. We are His and that's all we need.

We are perfectly imperfect children of the One True King. Let's embrace our identities, embrace our messiness, because we are His masterpieces, for now and forevermore.


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