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Windy Bloomin' Days

Sometimes I don’t know what to write about. I really don’t. All I can do is look outside, searching for inspiration in the creation outside my window.

And I find it. Or, more accurately, God gives it to me. He breathes creative life into my lungs, His Spirit whirling in the wind.

Speaking of the wind… today’s post is a bit different– it’s a poem...

Blooms in the Wind

I lay upon a grassy knoll and gaze.

I behold youthful blooms, so fresh, so new.

Like rainbows, blossoms sway in a soft daze,

whirl innocently with winds great and bold.

What was a breeze grows recklessly with haste,

now mighty gusts, relentless, hopeless for

mere blooms to thwart. I know demise awaits

as petals thrash and beauty is no more.

Once radiant, the flowers stood with pride,

now decimated to a fragile core,

the blameless buds flown over the hillside.

Why would the wind be cruel? I do implore.

Perhaps torment ignites resilience,

so next year’s blossoms bloom with brilliance.

Friends, to everything there is a season and a purpose, a good purpose because we serve a good God. He knows all about the storms in your life, about the windstorms that seem to be pulling you apart.

But this is not the end, not your end.

Keep God at your side and blossom under His care.


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