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Young Adult Fantasy Series: Untitled

My illustrated Young Adult fantasy novel is about an anxious, artistic teen named Mari (who may or may not be based off of me).


Through a freak incident, Mari is transported to another realm... full of natural wonders, mystical powers, and intriguing characters who challenge her every step of the way. Mari is determined to find a way back home, until she encounters things that make her reconsider. Should she stay in this extraordinary, unpredictable land after all?

A magical close-up of hands from Maddie Miller's novel
An oak tree scene from Maddie Miller's novel
Mari, the main character of Maddie Miller's novel
An illustrated fountain scene from Maddie Miller's novel

Children's Book Series: Untitled

About a year ago, I bought a beautiful beta fished and named him Bartholomew. Fascinated with his moody antics, I started doodling him as a cartoony fish character... 

And I bet you can guess how that's panned out!


I'm slowly but surely crafting stories featuring my overly-emotional fish and his majestic fairy friend. 

Illustrations from Maddie Miller, of Handiworks by Maddie
Sketches from Maddie Miller, of Handiworks by Maddie

Wanna See My Published Work? 

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