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Digital drawing of Maddie Miller, Renewed Me series
Painting of Maddie Miller, Renewed Me series

Series Spotlight - Renewed Me

Interested in some original artwork? If you have a specific idea in mind, you can easily commission me. But, if you're feeling your own version of artist's block, my customizable series may be perfect for you!

With these series, I do the heavy lifting of finding inspiration... you simply supply the on-theme photo. You'll get a piece of artwork with an encouraging, uplifting message tailored to you!

My current series is titled Renewed Me, which is centered around renewing your mind with God's truth (Romans 12:2).


Something I struggle with is my thought life, and one day I came across a selfie. I was so happy when I took the photo, but all I could now see were my flaws. I looked at a moment that gave me joy... and was filled with disdain.


I am my own worst critic. Can you relate?  


Thankfully, God inspired me to take this unflattering photo and recreate it with His words of adoration and Truth. And wow, has that helped renew my mind. 

That's why I'm offering to make these custom pieces for others; knowing our worth and identity in Christ is so crucial. After all, how can we live a life of freedom and flourishing, if we're stuck listening to fears and lies? 

So, if you would like to redeem an old photo, simply contact me! We'll figure out whether you want a digital (top) or hand-painted (bottom) piece, as well as the 3-5 words/phrases you want for the background.

Artistic Inspiration

God is my ultimate reason, motivation, and inspiration. He speaks to me through nature in a way only He can - a single bloom, a shimmering ray of light, a vibrantly-hued tree making my racing mind pause to praise.

Creating is how I connect with my Creator... but I'm not the only one who should benefit from my artistry. I truly believe that the Lord has given me this gift to shed His Light, which means that I have to shine (Matt 5:14-16).


Whether I'm painting on a canvas or digitally, styling with realism or utilizing bold expression and dried flowers... I'm determined to make pieces that encourage, beautify, and glorify Him.

Painting of a woman with a floral crown, by Maddie Miller
Watercolor painting of tulips, by Maddie Miller

Created Products

Handiworks by Maddie products are created in a variety of mediums ranging from acrylics, oils, pastels, watercolors, and digital tools. Sometimes, I even incorporate natural elements - like dried flowers and leaves - into my pieces!

My shop is designed to celebrate the humanity of creating. Whether painted on a canvas or drawn digitally, all products emphasize the imperfect perfection of handcrafted work - no premade fonts, perfect angles, or flashy graphics in sight. Each piece is carefully designed and honors the classic way of artmaking, prioritizing a handmade, wholesome esthetic.

Shop prints, stickers, and more here!

Commissioned Work

If you have a specific idea for an art piece, I'm happy to create it for you! Through the commissioning process, you or I will supply a reference photo or design, and I will prepare a digital sketch for you to approve. 

Once the digital plan is to your liking, I'll get to work on the final piece! You'll be given regular photo updates, and may request changes during this process.

The price and turnaround time of commissioned work varies for each piece. 

To get started or learn more, visit my commission gallery!

Painting of Notre Dame, by Maddie Miller
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