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Creations from Creation

Today is going to be different. Today is less about words and more about visuals. And if you know anything about me, you may see where this is heading…


Truth be told, I have no idea when or why my passion for art began. Was it a particularly rousing preschool craft? Or a fun day doodling with my dad? No clue. 

All I know is that God made me to make, created me to create. And as I was thinking about it, this blog only shows the written creations that God’s inspired… not the visual ones. 

Starting this month, when I launch my new art pieces, I will be explaining them here. So, there you go - written and visual insights for you! 

Now, let’s begin…

Rainbow Sheepy (Art Print)

This little guy doesn’t have much of a deeper meaning behind him. Simply put, I took a picture of this goofy sheep in Ireland… and I couldn’t resist painting him! 

Fun fact: in Ireland, the farmers mark their herds with different colors of spray paint; this sheep really did have red and blue on his back! Those two colors provided the base for the rest of this rainbow dude.

Choosing Bird (Sticker)

Surprise surprise, this is also inspired by Ireland. 

On our last day of adventuring, we went on a hike in the mountains. In true Ireand fashion, it was misty and rainy and the winds were so intense that we could barely stand straight. But it was there, high up on the mountain tops, that I saw a little bird.

Quite literally, this bird was at the mercy of the winds. She couldn’t fly on her own, couldn’t direct her path, because the wind moved her every which way.

And as I was watching that bird, I wanted to be like her

In the Bible, the Holy Spirit is called Ruah - breath, wind. So, if He is the wind, the all-powerful, overwhelming wind… we are the weak, unable to control our course birds. And friends, this is such a good thing. 

You see, the higher we go with God, the closer we get to Him, and the crazier His wind becomes. He will lead us on currents that we cannot understand, He will stun us with His mighty power… but He will never let us fall. 

That bird - even as out of control and powerless as she was - soared. 

Even though she could not choose her path, she trusted Ruah to do it for her. May we behave the same - embracing the unknown by trusting in the path of our known God.

I Am Not The Potter (Sticker)

This sticker does not reference Ireland! Instead, it is inspired by Isaiah 64:8, where God is compared to the potter, and us to the clay. 

Friends, this design is our humble reminder: we are not in control. But we can trust in the One who is. 

Not Afraid (Sticker)

I’m not sure if others will like this sticker, but I love it! The main idea, of course, is to not be afraid. But what makes this design so special to me is that the background is comprised of a plethora of fear fighting verses. 

All written (and paraphrased, in some cases) in the voice of God, these background verses reassure us of His provision, protection, and purpose.

As I wrote these words over and over again (no pre-made fonts in my shop!), I couldn't help but feel peace. 

These Truths are like God’s love letter to us, reminding us that we don't need to fear... because our Savior is here. 

In Celebration and Sorrow (Cards)

So far, I haven't designed greeting cards that acknowledge pain, hardships, loss. That was my mission with these: to sympathize with and honor the complex stages of life… while also highlighting hope. 

Whether we are in the valleys (and need God's perseverance), a season of worry (and need His provision), or flying high (and ready to shout His praise), we are never alone. 

God is by our side, and He’s blessed us with loved ones too!

Watercolor Wonders (Cards)

The inspiration behind this set of cards was pretty simple... I love flowers and art and I know others do too!

With my garden in full bloom, I wanted to take full advantage of God’s beautiful creations. I was on a watercolor painting spree for a while, and last week, I decided to transform my paintings into cards.

Now, others can enjoy God’s beautiful blooms too! 

That’s a wrap on my July products! I pray that they encourage, uplift, and inspire you. To God be the glory! 


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