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I Can...

I didn’t forget about you, don’t worry. Maybe you didn’t even notice (but I hope you did) that there was no blog post yesterday… or Tuesday.

I’ve decided to quit Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, not quit, per say, but not blog on those days. In fact, I’m doing the opposite of quitting– I’m devoting those days fully to my copywriting business.

I’m glad I took this week to figure things out. Spring break has been good time. No, I may not have vacationed or partied, but I did send out 26 pitches in a three-day time span!

It's tough to start a freelancing business, especially in the middle of your college semester, especially when you’re a senior.

But I was thinking about it, and I don’t want to avoid it.

I don’t want to avoid my future (unknown) post-college career.

Yes, it’s scary to think that, come December, I’ll be out in the ‘real world,’ but ignoring that reality isn’t going to do me any favors. So I’m tackling my future head-on. I’m shifting my focus from my present class projects to my future paid ones.

I’m taking action--which is hard.

Like I said, doing college and freelancing simultaneously is not an easy feat. I’m working more than ever, which is exciting yet burnout-threatening all at once.

But it’s only two months.

That’s the metronome that I keep replaying when my worries try to stop me in my tracks, immobilize me from stepping into the amazing future God is making for me.

Senior Writing Seminar and Hebrew III and Typography and World Lit will be done in two months. Then I can solely focus on freelancing and have free-time to have a social life again.

Just two more months.

Actually, I’m going even further than that: four and a half weeks till Easter break. I can make it. Then two weeks and finals. I can do it.

And you want to know why I’m so confident that I can do it, that I can push through and persevere?


This becomes my steadfast metronome, this is how I fight the fear– and it’s how you can too.

Let the Holy Spirit breath life into you and propel you onwards, friends. Not in your own strength, but in His, you can flourish.


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