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Two 'Aha's and a 'What If'

Have you ever had an aha moment? When everything suddenly just clicked? I’ve had two lately, so of course, I want to share them with you! 

Okay, so number one… 

You know how I like to paint? If you don't, you better check out the rest of this website; my love for art is pretty obvious. 

(Sorry, was that too sassy for you? I’ve been hanging out with a toddler all day; I think her spunk has worn off on me.)

Anyway. Painting. Yes, I like to do that. And draw. And photograph stuff. And write. Pretty much anything creative, honestly. 

Well, during one of my creative sessions (aka, me sitting on the floor covered in paint and staring at a half-finished canvas), I had a thought… an aha thought. 

You see, when I’m creating, I’m not worried. Sure, I might have some obstacles to overcome, but I know I can do it. 

And I’m not being haughty or cocky or smug, but I know I can… because I know He can. 

If you’ve spent any time with me at all, then you know that creativity is my thing. God has truly gifted me with a creative soul. 

So when I’m in my element - doing what God created me to do - I am not afraid.

And you know what my exact thought was? 

I may not know how I’ll do it, but I trust God to show me… because He always has. 

(And flashbacks of all my creations came flooding through my mind, the proof that He really has gotten me through whatever creative obstacle I’ve faced.)

Now, how amazing would it be if we had that mindset, that confident trust in our Creator? And not just with figuring out how to paint a hand or mimic the lighting or whatever. 

What if we truly trusted God with all obstacles and aspects of our lives? 

Which brings me to my second aha: birds. 

(You should know by now to trust my abrupt and seemingly-not-related transitions. God always brings it together, after all.)

Along with creating my own art, I love to look at His.

Oftentimes, I’ll stand outside and watch the cute little songbirds flit from tree to tree in our yard. It was during one of those “nature breaks” that another random thought popped into my head:

You are altogether beautiful. There is no flaw in you. 

If you know your Bible trivia, that comes from Song of Songs, a rather passionate and romantic book in the Old Testament. And yes, that thought was aimed at some birds. 

You probably think I’ve lost it now: standing in the shadows of my yard (so I don’t spook them, of course), in my paint-covered clothes, serenading them under my breath. 

(Now that I think about it, that does sound a little cuckoo. Bird pun intended.)

But regardless of my unique tendencies, that rather romantic thought struck a chord with me.

The writing in Song of Songs is often seen as a type-and-shadow of Christ’s passion for us. Not in a sexual way obviously, but a husband serenading his wife is kinda similar to Jesus (the bridegroom) adoring His bride (the church). 

And as a side note, I go into Song of Songs a lot more in my singleness and dating book, but we’re not gonna go deeper today. Because today is about the birds. And my love for them. 

When I had that thought - viewing the birds as beautiful and perfect and priceless - God made me realize that He not only sees birds that way, but me. And you.

He sees our sins and knows our brokenness, but through Christ’s blood, He declares that we are flawless. His altogether beautiful Beloveds. 

Now let’s put these two moments together:

How amazing would it be if we confidently trusted in God’s provision… AND in His words for us? 

If we rested in our God-given worth and rooted our identities in Christ, how would we change? How would our thoughts change? 

Because I don’t know about you, but those aha thoughts are not my norm. Generally, worries and complaints course through my mind much more rapidly. 

But what if we started viewing things through His eyes? Trusting. Content. Planted firmly in His gospel of peace. 

Those are the kinds of what if thoughts I want to focus on; not worrying about what could go wrong, but trusting and hoping in the One who makes all things right. 

So I leave you here to ponder, dear friends.

Trusting Him with everything. Believing Him in everything. What if…



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